KS1 Gardening

Children in Y1 and Y2 have the opportunity to garden with Mrs Peters on a Monday lunchtime: 1 – 1.30pm.

June 2012 Update

Many exciting things are happening in the gardens around Flying Bull; we have strawberries on our strawberry plants, radishes have been picked and eaten, both the Keystage  1 and Keystage 2 allotments are filled to capacity with a great variety of fruit and veg. Flowers are being planted everywhere and, THE GREENHOUSE IS FINISHED.
In Keystage 1 the children have been creating signs for all the vegetables they have planted, and spent last week’s club time weeding the courtyard vegetable plot; they even got to try a freshly picked and washed radish. As part of last weeks Learning Log, all Year one and two children were given a pack of peas to plant. Hopefully we will get some great pictures of how they are getting on after half term.
Keystage 2 have been busy making sure the raised beds are watered and now have the added responsibility of keeping the cucumbers, aubergine, peppers and melons watered in the green house.

We are looking forward to a bumper crop before the end of term. Well done to all the children who are responsible for maintaining the allotments and thank you to Mrs Peters, Mrs Metcalfe and  Mrs Shepherd for giving their time to organise and run the gardening clubs. We will soon be judged for Portsmouth in Bloom 2012 - what a lot of wonderful projects we have to show-off!

KS2 gardeners helping the KS1 gardeners with planting their herb garden. Super team work – :)

Key Stage 1 Gardening Club – Spring Term  2012

Monday 1pm – meet at the Gardening store.

Date Event Equipment
16th Jan. What do we want to grow, and where do we want to grow it? Paper and pencils
23rd Jan. Pot on strawberry runners. Gloves, small pots, strawberry runners, compost,
30th Jan. Weed. Gloves, trowels, small forks, compost bags.
6th Feb. Begin preparing the beds! Gloves, forks, spades, compost bags, rakes.
20th Feb. Gardening week
27th Feb. Chit the potatoes. Seed potatoes, egg cartons.
5th March Plant seeds Beetroot, carrots, and other seeds.
12th  March Plant seeds All seeds not planted last week.
19th March Plant the early potatoes. Chitted potatoes, trowels, gloves, growing bed.
26th March Plant the late potatoes. Chitted potatoes, trowels, gloves, growing bed.

A typical session sees the children potting bulbs, growing vegetables, litter picking, watering the allotments and surrounding beds and frequent weeding. 

Wet weather alternatives will be arranged and include, ICT games, painting flower pots and making labels.

Children access a variety appropriately sized gardening tools and learn key gardening skills e.g. best time of year to plant, how to plant, where to plant and basic maintenance of the allotments.

We ensure that the children taste the food that they grow. We are excited to have recently joined the Friends of the Earth Grow to Eat Well Scheme. This partnership will enable adult family members to be further involved with our gardening projects. Watch this space for more information…