Learning Logs

We have been delighted to see how excited the children have been about our new approach to homework which has been designed in response to our School Council’s comments. We have recently been rewarded some funding which we will use to reward those children who return their Learning Logs.

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Learning Logs are a unique personalised learning resource for children. In their Learning Logs, children will record their responses to learning challenges set by their teachers. Each log is a unique record of the child’s thinking and learning.

Click below to see the booklet that can help you support your child. Alternatively, you can collect a copy from the school office.

Learning Log Parent and Carer Booklet

Learning Logs are given to every Y1 - Y6 child at the start of the week on a Monday or Tuesday. There will be a variety of tasks for your child to complete in anyway the wish: words, colour, big, small, models, CD, play etc. Your child’s class teacher can help by providing materials you may not have at home e.g. colour paper – please just ask.

Your child will have a week to complete their tasks. Attending Homework Club may be of use to your child. After a week your child will then share their learning with their friends and class teacher where their work will be evaluated using ‘two stars and a wish’.

In addition to your child’s Learning Log, it is really important that they read at home regularly. For younger children, reading to an adult or older sibling is better for their enjoyment and learning.