Year 1

Summer Overview – Year 1

Sugar and spice and all tings nice is our topic for the first half of the Summer term. We will be learning all about our senses and discovering how we use them. Hopefully we will be visiting a local supermarket and allow our senses to take control over some of the produce that can be found there. In English we will be writing poems based on our senses as well as becoming bossy with instruction writing! In DT we will be letting our senses run wild by tasting and cooking dishes from all over the world!

After half term we are letting the children take control and choose our topic focus! In English we will be using our imaginations to create stories with familiar settings. We will be growing plants, sculpting models and investigating the sounds around us. How exciting!

Miss Birks, Mr Recchia, Mrs Parker and Mrs Withers are looking forward to seeing what we will discover in your last term in year 1!

Year 1 Spring Term Overview 2014

Year 1 have had a fantastic Autumn Term and have made a positive start to the Spring Term. We have lots of exciting things planned and are looking forward to tackling new things and learning more.

Over the next term, we will be focusing on two topics. In Spring 1 we will be looking at ‘A Land Before Time…’ where we will look at information texts (finding out facts about dinosaurs and the light and dark) and fantasy worlds (hopefully embarking on a quest through a fairy kingdom near Goodwood) in our English lessons. We will also be finding more out about Charles Darwin and his connection with dinosaurs through our History topic and answering the question, ‘What is a source of light?’ through our Science.

Venturing into Spring 2, we will be developing our knowledge based around ‘Jaws. Paws and Claws’. Through this topic, we have invited Mrs Parker to bring in her rescued husky, Makita, along with a few of his friends. Here we will learn about how to treat man’s best friend with care, love and kindness. From here we will be looking at lots of different animals and organising a trip to a farm to see what life is like as a pig, sheep, cow and even the farmer! This will then lead into our English topic ‘recounts’ as we share our new found knowledge with others and our Science ‘Sound and Hearing’. We will also be looking at 3D construction in our DT lessons and constructing some amazing things…watch this space!

 Year 1 Team!


Autumn Term 2013 Learning Overview

Yo! Ho! Ho!

Pirates and Nelson is the topic for Year 1 this Autumn half term.  We are hoping to visit HMS Victory, where we will take part in an exciting investigation to discover how young people had to work on board the ship over 200 years ago; we may even discover a pirate while we are there.  We will be learning Sea Shanties and discovering new and well-loved fairy tales in English.  In Geography we will learn about the world; where pirates lived, where Nelson won his famous battles, and discover the differences and similarities between ourselves and our local neighbour, France.  Our DT will see us making a voyage of discovery using levers and sliding mechanisms, and to top it all off, we will be discovering what pirates sang about in music.

The second part of the Autumn Term sees us investigating festivals from different cultures, incorporating the Christian festival of Christmas, culminating in a Christingle service at our local church All Saints, where we hope many of you will join us for this special advent celebration.  English sees us looking at stories from other cultures and the importance of lists labels and captions in everyday writing.  As the nights draw in, we will be discovering what makes it light and dark, what we can see in different amounts of light, and why a reflector is not a source of light.  As part of our Christingle celebration we will be learning some Christmas songs, and will be showing our skills and ability in DT through learning how to weave.

In addition to the learning above, through the term, we will be discovering many and various aspect of maths, and will incorporate ICT into many of our topic areas.

Mrs Peters, Miss Birks and Mr Recchia your Year 1 teachers.

Summer Term 2013 Overview – Jurassic Forest

During the summer term Year 1 will be exploring aspects of the discovery of the Jurassic forest through Darwin and other Victorians. The children will have the chance to participate in two exciting off site visits which will allow them to enter the world of the Victorians; from Darwin’s discoveries to school days in Victorian time.

In our science learning, we will be discovering plants that grow in our environment, and creating our own experiment to show how plants grow best.  Art learning will allow the children to discover the minibeasts in our environment and liken them to creatures from the Jurassic age; they will then be able to create creatures from clay and bring them home.

At the end of April, the children will have the opportunity to undertake a short Road Safety course, which will culminate in them creating a safety poster for others in their Key Stage. We will be celebrating the Queens Jubilee with the rest of the school, and creating a story with animation, music and words in ICT.

We are looking forward to an exciting Summer Term.

X Marks the Spot – Spring Term 2013

This term Year One will be undertaking a quest to discover the world of pirates and treasure.

In English we are learning about pattern and rhyme with the help of some pirate friends.

Through our ICT we will be using a graphics package to make treasure maps.

Towards the end of this half term we will be going on an exciting discovery mission to HMS Victory where we will learn about life on the high seas.

We look forward to an exciting half term where we will learn and make good progress whilst having lots of fun!

Our Tasty World – Autumn 2012

Our topic for the term is ‘Our Tasty World’.  We will be exploring the world through ICT by using Google maps, while concentrating on the area around Portsmouth and its twin town of Caen.  We intend to visit a cross-channel Ferry in October, where the children will have the chance to role play with passports we will create in class.  We can’t go on the Ferry this year for logistical reasons, theirs, not ours, so we are going to Morrisons instead! In DT, we will also be tasting and making breads from European countries; this will link into our science topic of ‘ourselves’.


In science we will be discovering our bodies, and how we change from being a baby to being an old person.  As part of this we will be exploring our senses, undertaking various exciting experiments and using our inspiring new role play area!


The genres we are covering this half term include, Stories from Familiar Settings, Instructions and Poetry.  Each of these areas of study will be linked into our topic to enhance children’s learning.


Linking into our topic we will be covering various areas of maths including; numbers and numbers systems, measure, shape and space, and handling data. Children may be given work to undertake in their learning logs relating to these areas of mathematics.


In line with the start of year, we are learning about belonging. This we encourage children to feel that they belong to several different communities, including their family, school, clubs they belong to and other groups.


Our outdoor games will allow children to learn how to throw, catch, dribble and pass a ball, whilst in gymnastics we will be learning how to link sequences by rolling, travelling, balancing and climbing.

Your teachers Mrs Gray, Mrs Peters and Miss Churchill look forward to welcoming you to Year One, for a year of progress through hard work and lots of fun!


HMS Victory: 25.1.12

On Wednesday 25th January, year one took a trip to HMS Victory to support their Nelson and Pirates topic for the term.  Fortunately it was a dry day, as we had a long way to walk from the Dockyard Gates to HMS Victory.

We were met by our guide, who took us straight on to HMS Victory and gave us a talk all about a boy who went back in time to Nelson’s day.  The boy told us about the food he had to eat, and the clothes he had to wear, and the ‘Cat o’ nine tails’ which was used to punish naughty sailors.  We got to pass round lots of different things, and then tried on the clothes and pretended to eat the hard biscuits; we didn’t use the Cat o’ nine tails!

Afterwards we had a tour of the whole ship, and visited the museum.  We found some of the steep staircases a bit tricky, and saw a real pirate flag in the museum.  We also saw where Nelson died and learned about the medical equipment on board, Jack lit the cannon, but fortunately no-one got put into shackles!

We had a great time, and some of us wanted to go back again.