Year 1

UPDATE from 1R……..

This term we will be looking through the telescope at Pirates. From the Jolly Roger to Captain Blackbeard, our class will get creative, be productive and show off our work in various ways. We are also looking forward to visiting HMS Victory in the Historic Dockyard. This will help us gain a better understanding of Lord Horatio Nelson and the era in which he lived. Gathering clues throughout the trip, we can then begin to look into the Victorian period, which Portsmouth is so rich with.nelson

We are looking forward to becoming pirates when our new role play area is up and running and we are also excited about discovering more about treasure, pirate ships, sword fighting and treasure maps on our own, allowing us to create our own independence in our learning.

We can’t wait to post things on our website page which show all these wonderful things we are going to achieve. We arrrrrrrggggghhhhhh sure you will be amazed!

In 1R we will also be having a mini award ceremony each week. These awards will be given to people who show super learning throughout the week. Keep an eye out to see who has been presented with each award….EXCITING!!!!


Feel free to ask any questions and it would be great if further research could be done at home.




All children need an appropriate PE and Games kit (see whole year overview for details) for lessons in the hall and outside.

Learning Logs will need to be completed each week and if there are any concerns or even ways in which you feel we could improve our learning log work, please feel free to either write a note or speak with either Mrs Withers or myself. We welcome all thoughts and love seeing the different styles of learning from each member of the 1R team.

Finally, if your child reads three or more times each week, they automatically get a team point!


YEAR ONE – TREASURE ISLAND –  treeAutumn 1 – 2014

This half term, Year 1 are focusing on ‘PIRATES!’  Our topic will be planned with the children to follow their interests, so that we can find out together things that interest us the

In our English lessons, we will be looking at ‘Sea Shanties’ and even attempting to come up with our own, linking with our Music lessons and composing music to go with our lyrics. We will be using our Phonics and pirate knowledge to help us write ‘Lists, Labels and Captions’ to help us remember key words for our topic.

Our Role-Play area will be added to each week by work we have designed and made in Art and DT sessions and will be a place where we can put our best pirate performance. This area will show off our knowledgeable and imaginative qualities we all have in our year!pirate

We are going to be showing off our fantastic Math’s skills through using our ‘Treasure Island’ topic theme as much as we can. We will be counting gold coins and searching treasure hidden in the school grounds using maps and our directional skills which will also help when we come to look at these in our Geography lessons when we look at ‘Maps, Globes and Atlases’.treasure

We will be researching into the past of some famous pirates such as ‘Blackbeard’ in our ICT lessons beginning to use the internet to find information and we will be reading lots of pirate based stories in shared reading sessions.

During our History sessions we will also be taking what we have learned and putting it into context locally by finding out about ‘Horatio Nelson’. We will even be visiting the Historic Dockyard to see ‘HMS Victory’ which will be exciting!

Our PE sessions will be on Monday and Tuesday afternoons and can we remind you all that your child will need to be shipprovided with shorts, (indoor PE) tracksuit bottoms (outside Games), plimsolls/trainers, a T-Shirt and finally a warm top (outside Games). Without the correct clothing, children will not be able to take part in these sessions.

Can we also remind all parents and carers that we would like all Learning Log work to be completed each week to earn a team point and to be entered into our prize draw and that your child reads at least three times each week and for this to be recorded in their reading journals in order for your child to earn a team point.


Summer Overview – Year 1

Sugar and spice and all tings nice is our topic for the first half of the Summer term. We will be learning all about our senses and discovering how we use them. Hopefully we will be visiting a local supermarket and allow our senses to take control over some of the produce that can be found there. In English we will be writing poems based on our senses as well as becoming bossy with instruction writing! In DT we will be letting our senses run wild by tasting and cooking dishes from all over the world!

After half term we are letting the children take control and choose our topic focus! In English we will be using our imaginations to create stories with familiar settings. We will be growing plants, sculpting models and investigating the sounds around us. How exciting!

Miss Birks, Mr Recchia, Mrs Parker and Mrs Withers are looking forward to seeing what we will discover in your last term in year 1!

Year 1 Spring Term Overview 2014

Year 1 have had a fantastic Autumn Term and have made a positive start to the Spring Term. We have lots of exciting things planned and are looking forward to tackling new things and learning more.

Over the next term, we will be focusing on two topics. In Spring 1 we will be looking at ‘A Land Before Time…’ where we will look at information texts (finding out facts about dinosaurs and the light and dark) and fantasy worlds (hopefully embarking on a quest through a fairy kingdom near Goodwood) in our English lessons. We will also be finding more out about Charles Darwin and his connection with dinosaurs through our History topic and answering the question, ‘What is a source of light?’ through our Science.

Venturing into Spring 2, we will be developing our knowledge based around ‘Jaws. Paws and Claws’. Through this topic, we have invited Mrs Parker to bring in her rescued husky, Makita, along with a few of his friends. Here we will learn about how to treat man’s best friend with care, love and kindness. From here we will be looking at lots of different animals and organising a trip to a farm to see what life is like as a pig, sheep, cow and even the farmer! This will then lead into our English topic ‘recounts’ as we share our new found knowledge with others and our Science ‘Sound and Hearing’. We will also be looking at 3D construction in our DT lessons and constructing some amazing things…watch this space!

 Year 1 Team!