Year 2

In the jungle, the mighty jungle…

Welcome back year 2.

Your teachers look forward to teaching you lots of exciting things about habitats, animals and growth.
We will be finding out about how the rainforest works, the different layers and the animals that live there. We will find out about deforestation and what we can do to protect the rainforest in the future.
The beach will be our second habitat to explore and we’re going to visit the Isle of Wight and West Witterings to explore different beach types so look out for a letter coming soon!

In English we are going to find out about famous authors like Beatrix Potter, A.A Milne and Shirley Hughes. Nocturnal animals will be our focus for report writing and we are even going to practise our instructional writing again.

In maths we will cover all our units one more time before we move to year 3! So make sure you practise your 2,5,10 times table and try telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes.

We hope you have a marvellous term and enjoy every minute. Year 3 is just around the corner…


Bonjour everyone and welcome to another exciting Spring Term in Year 2.

We have decided to split this terms topic into two. First we will be looking at Mega structures- huge buildings and great modern landmarks, this will include the Spinnaker tower, London Eye and the Sydney Opera House.  We will be researching Isambard Brunel and looking at writing reports using the information we find.  We will design and make our own mega-structures for a fun-fair using Lego, Kinnex and any bits of construction material we can lay our hands on!
After this has finished we are going to start looking at the 1960s and 1970s, from art, toys and music, to festivals, fashion and food. We can’t wait to delve into our hippy history.
Obviously we will be having the usual events; parents open evening in mid January, ERIC mornings on a Wednesday and even a trip or two around the city. As well as all of this we are going to start our Foreign Language Learning this term with a splash of French, we will be looking at numbers and responding to the register first… so get practising.
As always we appreciate your help and would like to take this opportunity to remind you to PLEASE hear your child read three times a week at home and that if you need any support with school work, Learning Logs or anything else then give us a shout!


Welcome to the Autumn Term 2013! We can’t wait to get stuck into our exciting new Dungeons and Dragons topic.

This term we will be finding out all about dragons, caves, dungeons and castles. If we’re lucky we might even visit some castles and do some exploring so keep your eyes out for a letter coming soon. In English we will be writing some of our very own dragon stories and looking at dragon poetry too.

In maths we will be working on how to use number lines effectively and making sure we can count forwards and backwards from any given number this is something you can practice when you’re out and about.

Please remember to bring your PE kit in every week and make sure you have your book bag with you everyday.

We will continue to have weekly Learning Logs to support our school work, it is important that you give everything a go and bring your log back on a Monday. There will be some handy hints on the doors of our classrooms so look out for those.

As always if there is anything else we can do to support let us know.

Enjoy the Autumn!

Miss Lewis, Miss Churchill and Miss Robertson.

Summer Term 2013 Overview – Rescue!

This half term, Year 2 learning will be focussing on Rescue, with particular reference to The Rescue Services including, Police, RNLI, Fire Service and even the RSPCA.

We are very lucky to be situated by the sea, and intend to use this to our full potential. We are trying to organise a visit to Witterings in the summer so we can enjoy the sun, sea and sand and learn all about seaside safety.

We will also be linking our Science learning with our Rescue theme; focussing on animals that need rescuing and those that rescue us. If we are lucky we might even get a Husky team in!

In English we will be looking at information texts, non chronological reports and some creative story writing all linked to our topic, We will be beginnig with information texts, leaflets and newspaper reports about the Great Fire of London.

Not linked to our theme, in RE we will be looking at people Jesus saved and Hindu places of worship, we will also be taking advantage of the warm afternoons with plenty of outdoor PE so please make sure your child has suitable footwear and PE kit  for outdoor sports.

Next half term our topic is changing to The Twits and all thing Disgusting.  We will of course be reading The Twits and writing our own version, plus taking part in some gruesome science and some messy art,. Look out for more details soon.

As always can we remind youto please also read with your child at least 3 times per week and to complete your learning log tasks. Please note that there is a direct link with attainment progress and the children who are supported with their learning at home. Well done to those who regularly earn their team points. Keep up the hard work. We are confident that you will continue to do very well by the end of Year 2.

Autumn Term 2012

This term year two will be looking at the topic of “Dungeons and Dragons!” We will be looking at castles and how life was for those who lived in them. The children will be going on a trip to at least one castle and we hope to arrange another outing or workshop for them too. Details to follow…

In math’s we will be covering a range of themes, with a main focus on numbers, their value and the number system. As always any support you can give your child at home is much appreciated.

We plan to link our English with our topic work as much as possible so we will be looking at fantasy stories and children will have opportunities to do their own fantasy writing. Our first pieces of writing will be based around The Sword and The Stone.

We will be having a big push on reading again this year. All children have been given a new Home Reading Journal. Please make sure you hear your child read three times a week at home and then sign and/or leave a comment in the comment box. We have added a separate area for parents to leave comments or questions for the teacher- we hope this helps.

As always there will be a production at Christmas, this year will be a little different as only the Year Two children will be involved. We hope it will be a thoroughly enjoyable experience for the children and their parents and carers.

Your child will be coming home with a learning log this term; this will contain work to be done at home. Some pieces have to be completed while others are optional; these allow the child to chose and plan their work in their own style. Please ensure the learning log is completed.

As always thank you for your continued support, if you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us in person or through email.

Summer Term 2012  Overview – Seaside Rescue!


Often people enjoy going to the beach. Usually they have a great time. However, accidents can happen. We have been finding out information about rescues at sea.

Grace Darling

Grace Darling lived at Longstone Lighthouse. When she was 22, the SS Forfarshire sank. She begged her dad to help sailors. They were able to save 13 people and cared for them at the lighthouse.


The RNLI stands for the Royal National Lifeboat Institute. There is a team of volunteers that help rescue thousands of people. The nearest stations are at Portsmouth and Hayling Island.


Flags can keep us safe at the beach. If the red flag is flying, do not swim. The orange windsock means that it is very windy. Do not take inflatables in the sea if you see it.

If you are in danger at the beach, call 999 then ask for the coastguard.

This term, Year 2 learning will be focussed on Seaside Rescue, with particular reference to Grace Darling and the RNLI. We are very lucky to be situated by the sea, and intend to use this to our full potential. We are trying to organise a visit from a volunteer at the RNLI. We will also be visiting the beach in the second half of the term. Here’s hoping for some sunny days!
We will also be linking our Science learning with our seaside theme; focussing on  animals, plants and variation in the city and at the seaside. We are hoping that our visit will emphasise the amount of plant and animal life situated along the coast. Thank you to those who completed the Learning Log task over the holidays and bought in what they found on their visits to the beach.
In English we will be looking at stories with familiar settings (the beach and coast) and writing non-chronological reports about the seaside.
Not linked to our theme, in RE we will be investigating Hindu places of worship and stories Jesus told.
PLEASE support your child with their learning log tasks. Over the Holidays 11 out of the 30 children in one Year 2 class completed their Learning Log. This figure really needs to rise. Please also read with your child at least 3 times per week. Your child can earn up to 3 team points per week for completed homework; one for Learning Log, one for reading and one for leaning spellings and getting full marks. Please note that there is a direct link with attainment progress and the children who are supported with their learning at home. Well done to those who regularly earn their team points. Keep up the hard work. We are confident that you will continue to do very well by the end of Year 2.

Legoland Visit 

On Tuesday 20th March, Year 2 enjoyed a fantastic trip to Legoland. The children were very excited, and thoroughly enjoyed their day. On arrival they split into separate groups and boarded numerous rides including:

  • Driving School – the children sped around the track to earn their own driving licence
  • Laser Raiders – we had to blast the Ancient Egyptian ‘tombs’ with our own lasers
  • Pirate Falls – a ride with a giant splash at the end!
  • Atlantis – the children explored sea life on a submarine ride

In addition to enjoying the rides, the children were impressed with the recreations of Megastructures such as the Gherkin or the Angel of the North in Miniland. This relates to our current topic, and the children will be designing their own ‘Megastructure’ this week. Coming very soon: requests for junk to model with!

Spring Term 2012 – Mega Structures

This term year 2 will be learning about Mega Structures. It will give the children a fantastic opportunity to look at the buildings around us and also further afield. We will be discussing the work of Isambard Kingdom Brunel and as part of this we will be visiting his birth place in Portsea.  We will be looking at local buildings, such as the Spinnaker Tower, and the Lipstick Tower, as well as world famous landmarks such as the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal.

Building on the life and times of Brunel, the children will be studying Victorian times, including baking cookies according to a Victorian recipe with only ‘Victorian’ equipment. We will also investigate how life was different 150 years ago.

In our science, we will look at Forces and Movement, including friction and introducing gravity. Later, the children will make their own mini-mega structures, which will include a simple electric circuit.

Furthermore, we are hoping to conclude the term with a trip to Legoland. We are hoping for your support as this will cost up to £10 per child. Hopefully, we can get this price down with some fundraising. We intend this to be a memorable finale and will consolidate their knowledge of how buildings ‘work’.

Keep your eyes peeled on the website for updates. Look out on the website for pictures of your child enjoying Maths and English.

This is vital term for your child, with the Year 2 SATs around the corner and the transition to Year 3 (Key Stage Two) also around the corner. PLEASE support your child by reading at least THREE times a week and helping them complete their learning log. Both of us are concerned that a significant amount of children aren’t completing their tasks at home. Well done to those who are, keep up the support!