Year 6

Year 6 – Spring Term 2014

This term we are embracing our place in the global community. As you know, Flying Bull Primary has a vibrant mix of children, adults and cultures; in order for our pupils to understand a little more about the culture of other countries we will be studying the Chinese New Year in detail.
We are going to be reading a range of fiction and non fiction books about the festival and writing our own pieces to reflect our understanding. In order to make the most of the experience we encourage children to do some research at home. This will also help to prepare children for the type of work they will be expected to do at Secondary school.  During our Art and DT topics we will be creating dancing Chinese Dragons, which will help us to learn about and re-tell stories from other cultures.

In maths, our emphasis will be to teach children how to apply their maths understanding to a range of problems.  Any children who are still insecure in their written methods of calculation will be invited to booster sessions.

Our Science topic will look at inter-dependence and how different living organisms have become dependent on other species and adapted to their environments to survive. In particular, children will be learning how to create a hypothesis based on understanding and use results of experiments to fully conclude.

A quick reminder that our PE days are now Mondays and Tuesdays. Children need to wear something warm when they have outside PE, as we will aim to take children outside as much as possible, weather dependent.

Homework this term is essential. You will find that your child has far more specific English and Maths tasks in order to help them achieve the levels they deserve in their SATS, due in May.  Please support your child to complete them to the very best of their ability. It is also vital that your child is reading at least 3 times per week at home and this is being signed in their home reading diaries.
We hope you enjoy the term!

Miss Annalls and Mr Boulstridge

Year 6 – Autumn Term 2013
Is it right to fight?

This term, as part of our topic in Year 6, we will be investigating the question ‘Is it right to fight?’
During our history lessons we will be studying World War 2 and its impact on the world we know today. We will be looking at what life was like during the war, not only for those people fighting, but also for those who did not go to war. We are going to be reading a range of first-hand accounts of the war and will be producing many interesting pieces of writing based on our research. We will be researching Portsmouth and the effect of the war on our local area as well as going on an exciting trip.
During our Design and Technology (DT) lessons we have the opportunity for designing and building our own moving vehicles! We will be investigating the properties of a range of materials to ensure we select a material suitable for our vehicles and investigating forces and how they affect our world in Science.
In our English lessons this we will be looking at poetry and using these skills to help with our song writing for music lessons. We will also be reading and writing a range of text genres including: Historical fiction, mystery stories, Science Fiction stories and many more.
Just to remind you that our PE days are Monday and Wednesday and that it is vital for your child to have a suitable PE kit, including footwear, in school on these days.
Homework this year will continue to be in the form of our Learning Logs. These will allow your child to take a more creative approach to their independent learning. We will often set a question to be researched and it is up to your child how they choose to present their findings. Don’t worry if they get stuck as we will be providing many ideas that they may want to try. We will be looking at Learning Logs in class every Monday.
It is vital that your child is reading at least 3 times per week at home and this is being signed in their home reading diaries (orange booklets).
We hope you enjoy the term!
The Year 6 Team.

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Year 6 Summer  Term 2013

Raging Rivers

This term, Year 6 will be learning all about Raging Rivers.  We will be studying rivers and water in general to understand its effects on landscapes, habitats, and people, and tie it into our learning across the curriculum.

As geographers, we will research some of the major rivers of the world, learning how they have impacted on life, and their importance to the development of communities.  We will be finding out how rivers have actually shaped the land and carved out such incredible natural features, such as the Grand Canyon.  We will use our maths and ICT skills to help us categorise rivers according to criteria such as their length and interesting features.  As people concerned with our environment, we will also consider what impact environmental issues – such as global warming – have on rivers, and as a result, on the people living near them.

As part of our English, we will look at writing in a number of genres focused around the topic of rivers.  We will write poetry that uses figurative language, including personification, to describe rivers in creative and unusual ways.  Rivers are a perfect setting for writing in a number of narrative genres, so we will use this theme to inspire some creative writing.  We will also write a number of non-fiction texts to provide information about the rivers, to explain how they are formed and how they change landscapes, and to provide instructions on how to stay safe and healthy near or on rivers.

In our maths lessons, as well as covering the usual broad range of learning, we will set some fun challenges and investigations based around rivers and water.  We will also learn more about coordinates, and combine this with our map reading skills in geography.

We will use our ICT lessons to continue to learn more about how to conduct thorough research, and also design our very own computer games based around the concept of rivers (such as a speed boat racing game), using software that allows pupils to begin to learn the basics of programming.

As artists we will explore a number of different media and ways of representing rivers through use of collages and different painting techniques.

Our R.E will focus this term on Christians’ belief in incarnation, and what it means to them, as well as contemplating the concept of submission and how Muslims submit to Allah through the 5 pillars.

Our main science topics this term include reversible and irreversible change, dissolving, and microorganisms.  All of these will be tied in to our overall topic where possible, by investigating how to clean dirty water and remove salt from water, and looking not only at the types of harmful micro-organisms that can be found in water and rivers, but also that beneficial microorganisms can be helpful for processes such as cleaning water.

Please remember that currently, our PE day is a Wednesday  and that all children must bring an appropriate and complete PE kit with them, including warm clothes for use outdoors. We will be teaching PE on a Monday and Wednesday after half term.