What a Roarsome Display!

When walking through the school this week, I was stopped in my tracks by Miss Birks and Miss Willshire in 1B. They told me how proud they were of the contribution of the children in their class to such an incredible dinosaur display. Just take a look….

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Climate Focus Day

Yesterday the pupils of Flying Bull were learning about our planet and how climate change is affecting our lives. They had been asked to consider what they can do to help ensure a prosperous future for planet Earth, and were given a variety of tasks to accomplish.  Head on over to the Climate Focus Day page by clicking HERE or visiting our Focus Days page.

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Sharing a passion for books….

We were greeted at school by a letter from Molly White in 4T. As you will see, it shows someone deeply passionate about reading and someone who has a drive to share that passion:

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So moved was Mr Hewett-Dale by the strength and quality of her arguments, he responded with the following letter:

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Raising Awareness of Climate Change

Today the children are undertaking a range of activities aimed at broadening their understanding of Climate Change. From their assembly this morning, to making model wind turbines or completing traffic surveys, children are going to look at an area of our environment and consider how they can change their impact on the planet.

When parents and carers come in to school from 3pm this afternoon for Parents’ Consultation evening, please take some time to see the work that the children have produced today.





Excellent Learning Log Homework

It is always a pleasure when we see some excellent work that a child has done at home. Have a look at the Learning Log that Emily Harris in 5B brought to school last week! Fabulous use of decoupage and when we asked Emily about the life cycle of a giraffe she could explain it very clearly! Informative and attractive work- Well done Emily.

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Bike Dr.

As part of our Climate Focus Day on Wednesday we’d like to remind everybody that there will be a bike doctor on site from 1-4pm offering a free bike repair service to parents and children of Flying Bull.  The letter regarding this service is available to view here